Aistear: Construction Site

Another popular theme in Aistear during the year was the Construction site. We introduced the topic using the story of the three little pigs. A thematic plan for this theme is available for purchase from the store.

In the socio-dramatic area, we had the building site, using hard hats and high vis jackets the children got to work as builders. I bought a build your own play centre in Argos last year and it was a fantastic resource for the building site. Check out the link. Signs and labels for the construction site can be found on Sparklebox on this link

I created a story sack of the Three Little Pigs to link with the theme. I include the read it yourself books so that some children may be encouraged to read the story themselves. I included character cut outs, and a bingo game also from sparklebox. I also included the task card and feedback notebook for the parents. Download the task card for free from my store today.

In linking with the parental involvement aspect of my recent research, I also had a newsletter on how to encourage the theme at home. This is a fully editable newsletter and is available to purchase from my store.


Parental Involvement in Aistear

I recently researched this area as part of my studies. There were many suggestions of ways to involve parents in Aistear and playful learning. Communication was an important element of my research project and existing research.

To develop communication regarding Aistear, I designed a newsletter on the Farm topic. This included suggested vocabulary, stories, songs and rhymes in English and Irish and toys that were required for the different areas.

This newsletter is available in my mash store today. It is fully editable, so teachers can personalise it with their own school crest etc.

Visit my mash store to download it by clicking the link

Parents Newsletter Aistear: The Farm

Aistear: At the Dentist & Story Sack

During the year we explored the theme of the Dentist. I used the story Harry and the Dinosaurs go raaah to introduce the topic. We also covered the theme in conjunction with the HSE Mighty Mouth Programme.

To purchase a copy of the Dentist planning framework please visit my store at

To further explore the topic, I created a story sack for Harry and the Dinosaurs go raah. I downloaded character cut outs from Sparklebox, visit the link here.  I included the storybook and also a nonfiction book about visiting the dentist. I picked up the nonfiction book in my local bookshop, it is from a series called Off we go. Finally I added some activity sheets such as a colouring page and a word search which I found here.

I designed a task card and included a notebook for the parents responses. This was to encourage parental feedback as I began to introduce the concept of story sacks to the class. Visit my store to download a free copy of the task card for this story sack.

Aistear: The Farm

The farm was one of the favourite themes we did in class this year. It is a nice topic in the Autumn to link with harvesting but also in the Spring time to link with new life and growing seeds and plants for the school garden.

There are many storybooks to link with the topic. We used the story books Pig in the Pond and Farmer Duck during the theme to prompt ideas and discussion. The little red hen is also a nice traditional tale to link with the topic. Some of these storybooks are also available in Irish to link with Gaeilge theme. Check out this link for Farmer Duck as Gaeilge. 

I particularly like using Farmer Duck as the children really enjoyed recreating the story in Small World using the dolls house and the animals. Within role play the children could use masks to retell the story too. The children will have lots of ideas for construction and art themselves. In the sand area the children can work on the farm using a variety of toy tractors and other farm vehicles.

Visit my store on to download the planning frame for The Farm topic.

If you have any questions please send me an email or a PM.


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