Aistear: The Farm

The farm was one of the favourite themes we did in class this year. It is a nice topic in the Autumn to link with harvesting but also in the Spring time to link with new life and growing seeds and plants for the school garden.

There are many storybooks to link with the topic. We used the story books Pig in the Pond and Farmer Duck during the theme to prompt ideas and discussion. The little red hen is also a nice traditional tale to link with the topic. Some of these storybooks are also available in Irish to link with Gaeilge theme. Check out this link for Farmer Duck as Gaeilge. 

I particularly like using Farmer Duck as the children really enjoyed recreating the story in Small World using the dolls house and the animals. Within role play the children could use masks to retell the story too. The children will have lots of ideas for construction and art themselves. In the sand area the children can work on the farm using a variety of toy tractors and other farm vehicles.

Visit my store on to download the planning frame for The Farm topic.

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