Aistear: At the Dentist & Story Sack

During the year we explored the theme of the Dentist. I used the story Harry and the Dinosaurs go raaah to introduce the topic. We also covered the theme in conjunction with the HSE Mighty Mouth Programme.

To purchase a copy of the Dentist planning framework please visit my store at

To further explore the topic, I created a story sack for Harry and the Dinosaurs go raah. I downloaded character cut outs from Sparklebox, visit the link here.  I included the storybook and also a nonfiction book about visiting the dentist. I picked up the nonfiction book in my local bookshop, it is from a series called Off we go. Finally I added some activity sheets such as a colouring page and a word search which I found here.

I designed a task card and included a notebook for the parents responses. This was to encourage parental feedback as I began to introduce the concept of story sacks to the class. Visit my store to download a free copy of the task card for this story sack.


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