Aistear: Construction Site

Another popular theme in Aistear during the year was the Construction site. We introduced the topic using the story of the three little pigs. A thematic plan for this theme is available for purchase from the store.

In the socio-dramatic area, we had the building site, using hard hats and high vis jackets the children got to work as builders. I bought a build your own play centre in Argos last year and it was a fantastic resource for the building site. Check out the link. Signs and labels for the construction site can be found on Sparklebox on this link

I created a story sack of the Three Little Pigs to link with the theme. I include the read it yourself books so that some children may be encouraged to read the story themselves. I included character cut outs, and a bingo game also from sparklebox. I also included the task card and feedback notebook for the parents. Download the task card for free from my store today.

In linking with the parental involvement aspect of my recent research, I also had a newsletter on how to encourage the theme at home. This is a fully editable newsletter and is available to purchase from my store.


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