Aistear: My Classroom Set Up

I have been using Aistear in my classroom for five years now. I have really enjoyed using it and my class have benefited hugely from it also. No theme is the same no matter how many times you use it.

In my classroom, I have four set areas, the dress up/socio dramatic area, construction area, small world area and sand/water. In each area I try have labels and topic words. In the socio-dramatic area I always have the main topic words and pictures for language and vocab. Here is an example:

MICHELLE - WIN_20140212_110824 Resources are from Twinkl and Sparklebox

Here are some of my other areas:


I found signs for each area on Sparklebox, click here to view them.

One desk in the class is the art area. The children can set it up themselves depending on what they are creating in Junk Art. Art resources are stored in the classroom which allows the children the responsibility of setting it up and also tidying everything away.

The class is divided into groups and each group visits a different area each day. I cover a theme for 3-4 weeks so by the end of the theme the children have become well familiar with it.




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