Aistear: The Restaurant

Another popular theme with my class this year is the Restaurant.

It’s important to spend time before and during any topic discussing the vocabulary associated with the topic and in the restaurant theme it’s no different. To introduce the topic I like to read the story Mrs Wobble the waitress. The class really enjoyed the story and like the happy ending. This led to a class discussion on the people who work in the restaurant, the chef, the waiter and waitresses.

I like to use more real life resources in the restaurant. A picnic set, oven gloves and tea towels, tablecloths and napkins. The children in the socio-dramatic area have the responsibility of setting the tables before they can begin playing. I often ask parents previously to send in menus they may have. While some are take-away menus, one parent gave me actual menus and childrens’ menus from the restaurant where she worked which were ideal. Of course all waiters need a notebook for taking orders so I bought colourful flip notebooks for the waiters too.

My display came from and it is also available in Irish. The topic words proved to be very important for my waiters when they were taking orders in the restaurant.There are lots of opportunities for free writing in this topic. Ideally this topic could be covered in term 2 and term 3.


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