Ready Set Go Maths

A few years ago I attended a course on Ready Set Go. it was an interesting course and had lots of very simple games to develop the children’s sense of number. The Ready Set Go manual was written by Eunice Pitt and while it is only available from NI Curriculum, they can post it to you.

Ready Set Go recommends 3 days a week spent on number and two on topic such as length, data, weight.This has worked well for me in my class. A copy of my Maths scheme will be available soon in my store.

Counting is a hugely important daily task in Ready Set Go. There are few rules to follow, never start at 0 or 1, always cross the 10 (or 5 initially) and always count forwards and backwards. I saw it in my own class, they were so reluctant to count past 10 and counting backwards was tricky for some but with daily practice and perseverance they became more confident in counting forwards and backwards.

Show me is another activity in maths, beginning with a 5 frame and cubes ask the children to show you a number. it is important to reinforce left to right and one box at a time. As the children become more confident, you will see them adding more cubes to show you the next number instead of taking them all off and starting again. Junior Infants use a 5 frame but I use a 5 frame with Seniors initially and then move onto a 10 frame.

There are lots of activities in Ready Set Go but counting activities and 5 frame and 10 frame activities are the best place to start. Check out my Ready Set Go Maths Pack in my store. It has large blank 5 frame and 10 frames, smaller 5 frame and 10 frame cards for the children, set card for sorting, number cards and a number line.


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