Aistear: The Library

Do you hold a book fair in your school?

Looking for a nice idea for World Book day?

I introduced the topic of The Library the week before our annual book fair, we explored the books in the class and school library. We identified the authors and illustrators of books that we like. Then we set up a library in our socio-dramatic area. The children really enjoyed it.

I found the story The Library Lion on It is a great story, while introducing the topic of the library, it also provides great scope for classroom discussion about being fair and unfair which links with SPHE.

Resources for this topic are readily available, book shelves with lots of different books, a toy cash register with a barcode scanner if you have one and library cards for the children to use.

This topic is ideal for cross-curricular integration, as a class we chose Martin Waddell as one of our favourite author. Each day I read the class a different story from Martin Waddell. At the end of the week each child chose their favourite and wrote about it for a book review. We also painted some new pictures for these books.

Parents can also get actively involved in this topic at home by bringing their child to visit the library. Hopefully their local library won’t have a library lion too.


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