Aistear: The Vet

Infants love animals and they also love this Aistear topic.

I introduced this topic using the story Six dinner Sid. It’s a great story about a greedy cat who goes to six different houses for his dinner, however it doesn’t work out as well when he gets sick and has to go to the vet.

The children enjoy this topic and are great for bringing in resources for the vet in socio-dramatic area. I have had cats in their carriers and all sorts of animals brought in for the vet.

For socio-dramatic the main resource is a doctors set. However I did spot these cute vet costumes in Smyths and for €5, they are great value. also have a great role play pack for the vet topic.

In small world, the children could retell the story of Six Dinner Sid using the dolls house and other shoeboxes to make the street where he lives. In construction the groups could make the vets surgery and label the different areas.

For art we painted Sid and made Six Dinner Sids dinner with playdough and a similar activity was included in the Story Sack.

In art the children had to find matching animals and their young in the sand.

It’s a great topic for oral language lessons on pets and SESE and SPHE lessons on caring for our pets.


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