So many topics??? Where to start??

I have added lots of different topics to this blog for Aistear. But where to start when choosing a topic?

I like to choose familiar stories initially, stories like the Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This can help the children become more familiar with play areas and role play. It is great to have a story to bring the children back to for the recap part of the session sometimes (they can go off track). Stories form the basis of the role play in the play areas and language used in the story can often be heard in the different play areas during Aistear. Other options like continuing the story other drama activities can also be explored in the play areas.

I also like to choose some real-life situations, the dentist, the optician and restaurant are all topics the children are familiar with but by introducing the topic in Aistear you are building on their prior knowledge and vocabulary. It also gives the children more confidence when visiting these places as they know what to expect and can use the vocabulary they have learned too.

If you are new to Aistear and not sure which topics you would like to cover, then have a look at my new Aistear topic plan. It has 15 topics that you could cover during the year with suggestions for curricular links and discrete lessons.





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