Getting your classroom ready


So are you Woody or Buzz???

If like me you are moving classrooms for the new school year it can be hard to know where to start. In infants, I recommend you label everything. I often use both pictures and words to label everything, this helps after Aistear when toys and resources need to be returned to the right place.

Portable storage is also great for Infants, especially for the Junk Art station. Storage boxes with lids or storage towers are easy to move before and after Aistear. They keep all the art materials neat and tidy too.

If you are walking into a bare classroom it’s nice to have some displays or wall friezes up. Ready Set Go recommend a number line on each wall in the classroom, which I have found to be really helpful when encouraging correct number formation. Twinkl have a number frieze with autumn leaves which would be a great display for September. I also like the number formation display from communication4all. It has rhymes to help remember number formation.

If you are using Jolly Phonics there is a wall frieze available from any bookstore. I have a separate area in the classroom for tricky word hat with the tricky word flowers. Alternatively other word wall displays can be downloaded from twinkl.

In my Aistear play areas, I have topic words or vocabulary specific to each area. The socio-dramatic changes with the topic.

Finally I have a Well Done Wall in the classroom. It has a coloured sheet which is larger than A4 (Lidl purchase) for each child with a bulldog clip at the top. This makes it easier to change the sheets on the Well Done Wall. It is an easy self assessment tool for the children to showcase their work!

I hope these suggestions are helpful, maybe it will give me some inspiration to start planning for my Senior Class next year.


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