Aistear: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Traditional Tales are nice topics to use when introducing Aistear.

The children may feel more comfortable in the socio-dramatic area when it focuses on a story that they are familiar with.

Socio-dramatic area would become the home corner for this topic. Key resources would include a kitchen, tea set, tables and chairs from the classroom. Masks would also add to this area for the role play of the characters.

Small world could involve the retelling of the story, you could use finger puppets or printable puppets on lollipop sticks in small world.

The children might make the bears’ house in Construction. Lots of materials could be used for this activity.

Sand could involve making the porridge for the bears, and art could be making masks for socio-dramatic, painting a picture of the characters, or making the bears’ house.

There are lots of ideas for integration for discrete lessons. In the music book D’aon ghuth there is a song Céard a rinne Mamaí? My class loved this song and loved making actions to go with it. Similarly the class could look at the story Cinnín Óir agus na trí bhéar, I particularly like the one by BBC Telly Scéalta.

The plan for Golilocks and the Three Bears is now available in my store.



    • Yes, this would also be a nice topic in September, you could do a lot of role play in discrete lessons to prepare them for the socio-dramatoc area.


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