Dealz on Books

I popped into my local Dealz again today and had a look through their book section. There were lots of lovely books for Infants.

DSC_0510  The Usborne Phonics Books are great for shared reading with the parents in the early stages of Junior Infants. These books also help to develop the children’s awareness of rhyme. Dealz had lots of books from this series and all for only £1.50!


These early readers were available in Level 3 and 4 and were probably more suited to First Class




These Phonics flip books were ideal for both Junior and Senior infants. They would also work well if you were using the PAT programme in the classroom or for individual pupils. There were three titles, CVC words, short vowels and word families.



More early readers suitable for First ClassDSC_0512






This book could be used in Senior Infants, but I think it could be used in First and Second Class also. The children in the story are asked to write a letter explaining why they should get to mind the class pet for the holidays. This book would be a great example of letter writing and persuasive writing for First and Second Class.


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