Aistear: At the Doctor

The Doctors is a nice topic for a class that is familiar with Aistear and it links well with the Mé féin topic in Gaeilge. Mé féin is also a nice topic in Term 1.

To introduce this topic I begin with the story Topsy & Tim go to the doctors. Some children may be familiar with the range of Topsy & Tim books.

In the socio-dramatic area we have the doctors surgery with reception and waiting room. The children set up the reception area with the phones, cash register and a clipboard for all the appointments. The children also added some books from the library for the waiting room. In the surgery area we have the doctors coat and doctors set. Doctors set can be found in Dealz, Euro Giant or Mr. Price but it is definitely worth investing in a good one for your class.

Small world is the town where the doctors surgery is, or at times my class have used the dolls house as the hospital. In construction the children built the surgery and labelled the different areas in the building.

In Art we painted self portraits and pictures of the doctor, sand was a free play area for this topic as it’s not always easy to link it in.

To link Irish with this topic, the class learned the song Bú hú from the d’aon ghuth series. The doctor topic also links easily with SPHE and SESE.

The topic plan is available in my store for the Doctors Surgery.


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