Back to School!

Well it’s that time of year? How is everyone getting on with their new classes?

As you may know I have made the move to the Senior Classes this year and what a change it is, after teaching infants for a number of years I think the hardest change will be the longer day!! I am looking forward to teaching different topics and working on projects with my new class. Some of my blog posts will be based on my adventures with my 5th and 6th class.

Fear not though, I will still keep blogging about Aistear!

My plan for this blog for September is to post 2-3 times a week, some on Aistear and infants, and some on 5th and 6th class. September is a very busy time getting ready for the Term ahead so I want to focus on planning and getting organised for my class however I will still answer all messages and emails that I receive.

I wish all my followers best of luck with their new classes, please share your photos of your Aistear set up and or topics you have decided to start on. For some inspiration please see my older blog posts such as my set up, my resources and wish list and timetabling for the early days of infants.


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