Literacy stations in Senior Infants

In the morning time, I organised some activities that focused on fine motor and literacy for my Senior Infants. This post is about some activities that could be used in station teaching also.

I use Word Attack Pack with my Senior Infants for Dolch Words. Everything you need is available to print in this pack from assessment for learning to flashcards and assessment of learning. I begin with the pre-primer assessment for each child, highlighting the words they know. That will give me an idea where each child should start in the pack. Each child then works on 10 words over a week or a fortnight. They get their own set of flashcards for home use and a copy of the roll say keep game. In school I have my own laminated copies of the game and I have colour coded all the words so that the children can play the game with their partner in the mornings. By colour coding it makes it easier to monitor where the different children are. I also use the reading ladders in the pack daily and the children get to colour the words they know.

I have also bought games such as Sight Word Bingo from learning resources to use with different groups. I also like the game Headbandz, Tesco also have their own version of this game. The children would need some guidance for this on asking questions and specific language they may need to know. I have been known to sit at the top of my room with a headbandz on when introducing the game to model the langauge!!

Finally, one of my favourite resources that I found on Amazon is Sentifix! This is a great option for 1st class also. It can be used to teach sentence structure and grammar. In the box there are lots of picture cards and cubes. The cubes are colour coded for nouns, verbs etc. The children choose a picture card and then get to make sentences using the cubes. I used this later on in the year and some children copied the sentence into their copybook. While it’s more the later end of Senior Infants, it could be used all the way through First Class. I couldn’t find the resource on amazon but there is some available on Ebay.

These are some of the literacy activities for Senior Infants that I liked to use. If you have any questions about any of these ideas please send me an email or PM.




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