Aistear: Peace at Last

After chatting to the Senior Infant today, we looked at the book Peace at Last to introduce the topic for Aistear for September. This story is a nice topic to use with a broad home topic in Aistear, which is ideal when introducing it to your class.

In socio-dramatic you could have the home corner, the children could be in role as the characters in the story.

In small world the dolls house would be the main focus as the house in the story.

In construction the children could make the house from the story or other items from the story.

In Art the children could paint pictures of their houses.

In Sand the children could find sequence cards for the story and put them in order.

Display resources and other printable resources to support this topic can be found here.

I have made a story sack for this topic also, it included the story book, character cut outs and bingo cards as the main activity. The story sack task card along with the planning frame for this topic will be available on soon.




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