Science and Maths in 5th & 6th Class

Life in the Senior Classes is definitely a huge change for me, here are some Science and Maths ideas that I have implemented in my room.

I have always had a keen interest in Science, I have participated in the Primary Science and Maths Awards for a number of years too. This year I want to focus on the steps to investigations and encourage the class to come up with their own ideas to investigate.

dsc05191This week I started the Strand Unit Properties and Characteristics of Materials. Each group was given one of these boxes, it contained a material, along with a whiteboard and marker. Each group was asked to describe the material, identify its source and uses and to record their answers on the whiteboard. The materials included straw, wool, air, sand, iron filings (in a container) and a plastic lid. Once we had class discussion we then played a guessing game. It was great for oral language too.

I used the IKEA frames to create a prompt card for Science. On one side there is a Scientist, each group has a different scientist. It then makes it easier for groups to report back. This is an idea I got from my science course with Una Leader from Lifetime Lab. On the other side of the frame I have a prompt card with steps for an investigation. This will also act as a writing aid when writing up the experiments.

I started procedural writing in English also, and it integrates well with writing up science experiments.

I have decided on my timetable to have 15 minutes a week of brain teasers and problem solving. Today we used Brain Snack which the class loved, it does get you thinking. I then decided to put one Brain Snack card on the maths board each week along with a blank sheet of paper. The children can take a guess at what the answer could be and write it on the sheet. Next week I’ll check the answers and one lucky person will win a small prize.

Today we also worked in groups to come up with their own word problems. The numbers used in the word problem had to be within 100 and it also had to have a fractions, decimals or percentages element in the question. It was a great way to encourage problem solving and using mathematical language based on the topics covered in Maths today.

It has been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday.




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