Euro Giant

While catching up with a good friend today. We popped into the local Euro Giant! They had lots of ideas for prizes for infant classes, along with simple suggestions for classroom organisation. Have a look below

A selection of prizes suitable for Junior classes.

In my infant classroom I had a writing area with lots of different pens, pencils and markers. My class really liked using these pens. dsc_0562



I really like this set for Maths. The dominoes are great for subitising as part of Ready Set Go. I use the cards for games when teaching the story of a particular number.

Finally my favourite purchase of the day were these tubs. They are invaluable in the classroom. My main use in the infant class was for Maths games. I stored counters and dice in the tubs, but when the children were playing the games I asked them to leave the dice in the tubs and shake the tubs and put them down on the table to read the dice. This way dice are not lost under units of furniture around the room. These tubs are available in different colours too! I used different colours to store pegs on my maths trolley and other maths resources.

I got this new tubs for Science in my Senior Classes but I will update you on these as I use them!

As always if you have any questions on the above items, send me an email or a PM.




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