5th and 6th: Around my classroom

So you may know I have made the big move to the Senior Classes and what a change it is!

I have spent the last two weeks getting to know my class and setting it up. So here is a guided tour of my room.


 I love this display from tpet.co.uk. I ordered it on their site and it was delivered in just over a week. It came printed and laminated and ready to stick on the display board.

Alternatively, you could download and print yourself. It is perfect for wet days when the class are indoors. They have a timer on the maths trolley that they can use and they play both the letters and numbers game.

You may have seen from previous posts that I enjoy teaching Science too! This is my Science area.

The boxes are arranged one per group and contain all the group will need for the different experiments. I also downloaded this display from Twinkl.co.uk which outlines the different steps to an investigation. The boxes contain an IKEA frame and on one side it has these steps again along with information on a particular scientist on the other. I gave the class a project for September to research and write a report on one of the scientists mentioned. Feedback is good so far!

Classroom management can be a tricky one in the Senior Classes, but my class are really responding to the set up at the moment. I have set the class up on Class Dojo where they can earn points. I have a special tub in the class which contains a range of prizes gathered over the Summer from Dealz, Mr. Price, Euro Giant and Tiger. Once they reach 50 points on Class Dojo, they can cash out for a prize. I’ve also printed small cards for extra class dojo points, this helps to remind me to add points to their profiles and also to encourage some children to earn a few extra points throughout the day.


I have one further prize box which is Teacher’s prizes, the children can earn these by solving conundrums in Countdown or winning different games in the class. The majority of these prizes came from Mol an Oige. 

I will add more photos from around my classroom soon.

If you have any questions about the items mentioned above, please send me an email or a PM.



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