Ready Set Go – Games

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but I have been really busy with planning and organising for my Senior Classes.

Having attended workshops for the Ready Set Go Programme, here are some games that you can play in both Juniors and Seniors.

Here is the set card I use for both Junior and Senior Infants.

2016-09-21Ask the children to make sets of a particular number on the  set card.

You can also use this card when partitioning to show the story of number, give the children five cubes and a lollipop stick and they move the cubes to either side of the lollipop to show the different ways to make 5.

Children in Junior infants and the beginning of Senior Infants can use the 5 frame.

2016-09-21-3This template is best used in A4 format.

The children have 5 cubes, ask them to initially show you 4,5,3, etc. Over the course of the term ask the class to show you the number that comes after 2,3 etc. The children can also play this game with their partner, or if you have multi class the Seniors can act as múinteoir with the Juniors.

A similar game can be played in Senior Infants and in the early days of First Class with the 10 frame.


The smaller 5 frame cards can be played as whole class activity or with a partner. It is similar to the large 5 frame ‘show me’ game. You flash the card for 3-4 seconds and then ask different questions. To begin with you could ask what number is this? as the term progresses you can ask what comes next? what comes before this number? Once you have completed the story of 5, you can ask how many more do I need to make 5.

There are small 10 frame cards for Senior infants, you can also ask the same questions for Senior Infants.


Finally I found it useful to have digit cards in the children’s maths pack. They could give their partner a number to create sets of that amount on their set card. They could also make a number line on their desk.

In Senior Infants I played the tower game which illustrates more or less. Children have a set of cards each face down, each player turns over one card and builds a tower of cubes to match. They then compare and see who has more, who has the taller tower. That child wins. They dismantle their tower and play again.



All of the above templates are included in my Ready Set Go Printables Pack on


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