More Maths Games

A few weeks ago I spotted sets of dominoes and cards in EuroGiant.
Here are some simple games to play with dominoes and cards in Infants.


I have a number of these sets in the classroom. One game the children played was ‘Who has more?’.

Take all the dominoes out and place them face down, children take turns to turn one over each and count the dots on their domino. Whoever has the most dots gets to keep both dominoes. Play continues until there are no more dominoes left.

To extend this game you could turn over two dominoes each, or in senior classes you could multiply the number of dots on one side by the other.

Some card games that I play with my infants were:

Sums to 5,6,7,8,9,10 (depending on what story we were covering in class).

Take out all picture cards and cards higher than the story you are covering (ie. take out 8,9 and 10 if you are covering story of 7). Give the children 8 cards each, if you are covering story of 10 in the class, the children must make ten using the cards. I allow them to use any number of cards, it really encourages problem solving. We use the Ace card as 1 for this game. Once they have checked the cards they have been given, take turns to take one card each from the remaining pile, each time checking can you make 10. Once you make 10 these cards are put face up on the desk beside the child. Play continues until there are no more cards left and no more ways to make 10.

A similar game can be played with a concentration style approach. Taking out the extra cards place the remaining cards face down. Children take turns to turn two over and try to make a set number, story of 7,8 etc. Play continues until there are no more cards/matches.

Finally, another card game that the children may be familiar with is Go Fish. However this time the children are given a set target.

I really enjoyed playing these games with my infants. Sometimes they can surprise you when playing these games. They learn to problem solve quickly.

If you have any questions on the above games, please send me a PM or an email.



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