Maths Week Ideas for Infants

Maths week begins next week 17th October. Here are some nice ideas for infant classes.

I use the Maths Eyes Website and really like the concept of this for Maths Week. This is also an activity that could be shared with parents at home. Children were invited to use their ‘maths eyes’ at home, take photos and bring them in or send via email to me. We spent a few minutes each morning discussing the different photos that were sent in.

Using the school environment, take the children on a shape walk. Bring a camera with you and ask the children to identify specific shapes, take photos of the different shapes so you can use them back in the class. I printed the pictures we took and then made sorting activities for the class. The children sorted the pictures into different sets such as 3D shapes, 2D shapes and specific shapes. This activity really encourages oral language specific to shapes and maths.

Shape Monsters such as these are great to incorporate a Halloween theme in Maths Week. Children can choose which shape they would like to use to make their Monster.

If you want to challenge your Senior Infants or have mixed Senior Infants and first you could also use tangrams in the class. I like these printable tangrams from Activity Village. Alternatively you could play these online tangram activities.

Don’t forget Maths Games for maths week. These are available in a previous post!


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