Maths Week in Senior Classes

As next week is Maths Week, here are some activities I have planned for my own class.

Brain Snack

I have been using this in my class already. Each week we work on some puzzles in the class but then I add one to the Maths Board and the children have to solve the puzzle and write the answer on a sheet next to it. Sometimes even other staff get involved. For Maths Week I intend to have a new puzzle each day, beginning my day by looking at a specific puzzle and then revising it at the end of the day. One child who guessed the right answer will get a prize.


I love playing this game in the classroom. I have the countdown display from on my Maths Board. A member of staff also let me borrow her Countdown game with a working countdown clock which I was very excited about. There is an online game also from Woodlands Junior School where the children can pick large and small numbers and it will generate a target for them to solve. Perfect for when they are eating or for transitions between lessons.

Target Boards

I hope to use target boards with my class also. This is an ideal game for practicing tables and solving problems.

Maths trails

I am hoping to organise my class into groups and get the different groups to design a Maths trail for another class in the school. This will encourage the groups to plan, think and review their maths trail. Hopefully they will also get to bring the infants classes out on the Maths Trail they have designed. There are lots of suggestions for Maths Trails on the PDST site. Maths Trails are also part of the Primary Science Awards this year.

I hope to update the facebook page during Maths Week with all the activities.


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