Brain Snack – A review

I have been using Brain Snack as part of a competition on my page for Maths Week, but it is also something I use regularly in the classroom.

Brain Snack contains 300 cards with different levels of problem solving and logical patterns. There is also a CD available to use on the whiteboard.

I use it with my 5th and 6th class during the week as a transition activity and also in one maths lesson which focuses on problem solving.


I also add one brain snack card to my maths display each week. I leave a sheet beside the card on the display board for children to take a guess and all those with the correct answer are placed in a draw for a special maths prize.


I enjoy using Brain Snack with my class. Children are becoming more confident in guessing the answer for the card on the Maths Display. In doing so, those who are not confident in speaking out in the class are encouraged to write down the answer and participate in this way.

There is a record sheet to give to pupils also so they can keep track of the cards they have solved. It is an ideal activity for early finishers and for those students who are high achievers in Maths and other curricular areas. So I feel it is definitely worth the investment. We have Brain Snack in the school for a number of years. I was in the infant classes so didn’t have the chance to implement it until this year. Sometimes the Brain Snack Puzzles keep me thinking too.

Further information on Brain Snack can be found on the  Prim-Ed Website.

If you have any other questions regarding the use of Brain Snack please send me a PM.



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