November Planning

I hope everyone is enjoying the break!

My new blog post is about activities for November. A suggested theme within my plan was the Library. I base my Aistear areas and some discrete lessons on the Library Lion story. In my school we also have a book fair during the month of November so this theme works well for that also.

Aistear: my socio-dramatic area is the library, I have a cash register with a barcode scanner attached and the children use this for scanning the barcode at the back, and the barcode for the library card also. This will take some role play and discrete lessons before hand to discuss language specific to the topic.

Small World: In small world, the children can retell the story of the Library Lion using small world people and animals.

Art: The children can paint characters from the story, or another story they like.

Construction: The children can build the library.

Other discrete lessons can include a focus on inferring for comprehension strategies. Focusing on the lions feelings throughout the story will help the children to understand the strategy of inferring.

The story also helps children identify with behaviour when visiting the Library. You can also focus on taking care of books and showing respect for other peoples property.

A suggested plan for discrete lessons that link with the Library Lion topic is now available in my store on


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