Themes for Teaching Practice

I have been contacted by some of my followers regarding themes for teaching practices.

Many of the themes I have outlined for the Aistear topics would be suitable for a teaching practice theme. Here are some themes that could also be explored.

Over arching theme: People who help us

Aistear topic: The Doctor

Aistear Topic: The Optician

Discrete lessons could include parts of the body in Science, Mé féin in Irish, labelling in English, SPHE taking care of my body, people who help us in Geography.

Over arching theme: Living in the Local Community

Topic: The postman/The Post Office

Topic: The library

Topic: Clothes Shop

Discrete lessons could include people who help us in SESE, shapes in Maths (parcels and letters) lots of opportunity for free writing in English, map work and journeys in History and Geography.

There are lots more examples and ideas for discrete lessons on the above topics in my aistear 15 topic plan on


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