Back to School: November in Senior Classes

Back to work today, I hope everyone had a great day back.

Taking a break from my infant posts to blog about my own Senior Class and what we plan to do this month.

I have been lucky enough to be offered the chance to exhibit at the RDS Primary Science Fair. I am so excited about this, I will be working on a project about structures and earthquakes over the coming weeks.

I like to give my class a different project each month to develop their research skills and build on autonomous learning in preparation for Secondary School. This month the class will research a large earthquake from different countries across the world and write a report on it. Children are given rubrics for each project which fosters peer assessment and self assessment.

To link with my Primary Science Fair Project I have chosen an Earthquake theme for SESE and English this month. We will explore earthquakes and fault lines in Geography and explore Pompeii in History.

I am continuing my book club this month also. The children are really enjoying this. Groups are based on ability and given books appropriate to their level. I try to mix children from across both classes too. Over the course of the month they work on their journal which has specific activities such as character profiles, interesting words and a book review. This helps to focus the discussion during the book club meeting at the end of the month. The book club journal also contains their reading record for the month which parents must sign at home. My book club journal is available in my store.

Looks like it is going to be a busy month. If you have any questions on the above post please send me a PM.



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