December Planning for Infants: Post Office Topic

Can you believe we are nearing the end of Term 1?

December is such a magical and exciting time in the Infant Classrooms. It can be hectic too with Christmas play rehearsals and at times containing the excitement.

My Aistear topic for this month is the Post Office. I really enjoy this topic especially at Christmas. I use the Jolly Postman to introduce the topic, there is also a book the Jolly Postman at Christmas which you could use. We discuss the post office and the role of the postman.

I change my Aistear areas slightly for this topic. I have my role play area which is the Post Office. I bought a Post Office Set in Argos a few years ago and it has a post box, stampers, and other resources. Twinkl now have an post office display pack based on an Irish setting which is ideal. In Small World, the children can make a town for the postman to deliver the post. In Construction the children can build the post office or other houses. The children can work on a variety of Art activities in the Creative Area including some Christmas Art.

Finally, I don’t have sand in this topic, I changed it to a writing area instead. Children have lots of different fancy pens, pencils, cards and notepaper and can write a letter to post in the Role Play Post Office the next day. I gather boxes of Christmas Cards in the different Euro shops for this topic.

I made my own story sack for this topic too. I included the Jolly Postman at Christmas, character cut-outs, more Christmas cards,notepaper, fancy pens and colouring pencils. Children read the story at home with their parents, and worked on an activity. Feedback from the parents was very positive for this story sack.

My planning template for the Post office is available on A December Monthly Plan will also be available on my store over the next few days.


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