Matific – A Review

My class have been using Matific over the last few weeks. Matific is an online Maths Programme which covers all areas of the Primary School Maths Curriculum. The school can purchase a licence so that all children can have individual programmes.

Kathryn from Matific helped me for the initial set up. I sent her the names of children in my class and Kathryn created their profiles for me. I then allowed the children free access in school to see what they thought of it. They loved it, as they completed tasks & missions they collected Monsters for their book. They particularly enjoyed this (even though they are 5th & 6th).

I then had a webinar training session with Kathryn, it was easy to access the webinar and I could do it at home. This was a great opportunity to explore the teacher’s side of Matific. Kathryn explained how I could set up the classes and change students from group to group. We also explored how to set up groups for differentiated activities. Matific also allows the teacher to prescribe certain activities which could directly link to your own scheme. Similarly there is an opportunity to set tasks for homework so that the child has an opportunity to access it at home. The pictures below show the child’s profile and their map.

The teacher’s section also includes reports on the progress of the class. You can view the students’ usage, their performance and areas that they may need support in or to revisit the topic. There is also the option to add emails for the parents so they can also get an update on their child’s progress.

There are a variety of activities across the different strands, there are also some really brain teasing activities, especially the jug activity. I myself had to sit with some children to figure out this activity. Children across the classes in my school have had the opportunity to use Matific and it has gotten really positive feedback.


Personally I have been very impressed with Matific. The children have enjoyed using it in class and I have also set them homework on Matific. I can then check if they have accessed it and completed the homework on my own settings. I particularly like the teachers’ settings. After my webinar training I created new groups within my class and I could set specific tasks for them. I could also set work from other classes to students who may struggle with certain maths topics. This helped to revise the topics before moving on. Similarly for any SEN children they can work at an appropriate level for them. Children don’t realise which class setting they are working on. They work from the assigned activities.

I really like the assessment and report mode too. You can review what activities they have done and it clearly outlines which children may need additional support or need to revisit this topic.

Kathryn has been really helpful throughout the trial of Matific. From setting up the children’s profiles to helping me create groups in the Webinar. It was really helpful to have a personalised approach to the set up.

Matific is available for a 30 day trial for schools which includes product training for all staff members either on site or through a webinar. Kathryn has also offered a very generous discount for my followers. If you quote AISTEARMATIFIC in an email to her during your purchase you will get 6 months added onto your annual subscription. This is ideal to purchase now and your renewal will be in August/September 2018 (you could add the charge for the subscription to book rental/school feeds in September 2107).

Check out some Matific videos on YouTube here.

If you would like further information on Matific contact Kathryn on the details below.

Twitter: @KathrynMatific

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