Maths Box – Review

I had been using the new Maths Boxes from Prim-Ed with my 6th class in Term 1. While they were enjoying them they did feel that some of the language used in the cards was challenging. However we persisted and here is my updated review.

I have now introduced Maths Cards to my 5th Class. My 6th class continue to work from Box 5 at the start of a topic and Box 6 at the end of the topic. This is ideal to revise previous content objectives at the start of the topic.

I have a group of high achievers for Maths across both classes and they are using the Maths Cards in almost every lesson as early finisher activities. In a multi-class setting it gives me another opportunity to focus on a specific topic or concept in Maths and I know that the children who are well familiar with the concept (such as long division for any 5th class followers) can be challenged through the Maths Cards and they can focus on the Numbers Strand too.

The cards are colour coded so I can ask the children to focus on a specific colour in each set. There are two sets of each card in the pack which is perfect for pair work. I have set my groups up with mixed ability partners for this task, so two children work together to solve one maths card. Children work on their individual whiteboards and record their answers on the record sheets which can be found in the Manual.

My 5th Class had heard 6th class discussing the language used in the cards so they were anticipating this challenge and are becoming more confident in the cards. Some of the cards have novelty topics which the children enjoy.

Overall, I will continue to use the Maths Cards throughout the year, and would recommend the cards to everyone. Having two sets of each card also allows cards to be shared with a learning support setting for some children, to help prepare them for independent work back in their classroom. Similarly cards could be shared with teachers of lower or higher classes depending on the range of abilities in the class.

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