Spellings V Word Study

Today’s blog post is all about the Senior Classes!

How many of you dreaded the Friday Spelling Test in School? I know I did and I still do!

Having attended a PDST workshop on literacy and a Word Study Approach I feel that it is something I can implement in my class and hopefully it will be beneficial to all my students. So I have decided to break away from the formal spelling test to a Word Study Approach for the second half of Term 2. If it works I will continue this approach into Term 3.

As part of a Word Study Approach I will take a variety of spelling patterns, focusing on 2 – 3 per week, and as the children read through a wide variety of text books, novels and independent reading they will watch out for words with this spelling pattern and add it to the list in their word study book. I will continue to use the formal Spelling Book in conjunction with this word study as homework activities.

The children will have a quick dictation exercise on Mondays so they become familiar with the spelling pattern. This is an approach I use in Phonics lessons too (even in the Senior classes I have phonics lessons). On a Friday I will replace the Spelling Test with a Dictation exercise using many of the words they have found throughout the week.

I have made my own Word Study Booklets for my classes. It contains a variety of Spelling Patterns. So far I have created one for 5th class and one for 6th class. I am working on workbooks for SEN pupils and once completed I will add them to my Mash.ie store.

I’ll add updates to my blog on how the Word Study Approach is working in my class. If you have any questions please send me a PM.


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  1. I think this sounds like a brilliant idea . I think kids can learn their spelling test off by heart and score 20/20 every Friday but still be bad spellers – I was one of those children !!!
    I then became and teacher and worked for 8 years in learning support where I taught the children who could not read fluently or spell to read….
    I believe that by studying the patterns in words – highlighting these common patterns on the kids books – and then locating these words In their daily reading – will result In better spellers, better readers and most importantly more confident children.
    Toe x toe and the jolly phonics spelling and grammar workbooks – are two fabulous resources to help support the idea of word study approach to spelling.

    Well done.


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