Senior Classes Thematic Planning

Are you beginning Teaching Practice soon? Here are some ideas for a thematic plan with an overarching theme of Energy and Power.

Theme 1: Electricity.

If the school you are in has sets of electricity Science equipment then this topic might be of interest to you.

In English you could work on procedure writing, making a simple circuit or switches. This would link to your Science investigations. In Maths you could link your topic to Decimals and percentages – take an ESB bill and calculate discounts if possible. Exploring Sa bhaile in Gaeilge identifying what items need electricity. For History you could look at the History of the ESB. Changes in supply of power. In Geography there are many ideas for lessons with renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy. Science would link easily to procedure writing. Suggestions for experiments include making circuits and investigating switches. In Art the children make a diorama and add a circuit (light bulb). I have tried this in my class and they really enjoyed it. It was great to hear the scientific language coming across through Art.

Theme 2: Industry



Industry allows for links with curricular areas such as English report writing on different types of power. The Industrial Revolution in History would link easily, similarly identifying local industries in Geography. In Science you could investigate pulleys as a force and design simple machines, this could link to your Art lessons also.

A thematic plan will be available on soon. There are task cards for electricity on my store also. These include step by step instructions for a number of electricity investigations. It includes pictures for the children to work independently.

If you have any questions on this post please send me a PM.



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