March – Thematic Plan

If you have been following my termly plans, my topic for March is The Builders. If you are on Teaching Practice this topic will easily link to an overarching Homes theme and will link to animal homes for another 2 week theme.

I particularly like this theme as I find it links easier to lots of play areas. In the socio-dramatic area the children are the builders. I was lucky to have access to a plan of the school so the children work as builders and architects to plan their houses. They had hard hats and high-vis jackets along with some building materials.

In small world I added a crane and other construction vehicles. If you had a tuff tray you could also add it to small world to recreate a building scene. The construction area lends itself naturally to this topic.

Art could be many different activities depending on what strand you are working from. I have made houses using different cereal boxes, painted houses and recreated the houses from the three little pigs story using real straw! There are lots of other lovely ideas for this topic too.

In sand, you can recreate another building site by adding construction vehicles and crane if you want.

I used the Three Little Pigs as my main story to introduce the topic. My story sack was the Three Little Pigs also. I added the book Busy Building Site to my story sack to encourage vocabulary at home. I also designed my own newsletter for Parents for this theme which includes suggested songs, rhymes and vocab to encourage parental involvement at home. The parents newsletter is available from my store.

A thematic plan for March is also available in my store. It contains suggested curriculum links along with ideas for discrete lessons. Ideal if you are looking for ideas for Teaching Practice.

If you have any questions please send me a PM.



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