Engineers Week

Next week is Engineers Week!!

If you are participating in Primary Science Awards this year Engineers Week is an important step in your application.

If you are using the Builders topic in Aistear this will directly link with engineers as children build houses and other buildings. In small world using k’nex and lego will also link well to Engineers Week.

Other simple activities that use resources that might be available in your classroom are:

Building a tower: Take a small teddy I used a teddy of piglet, the children were asked to build a tower for piglet so that he could see his friends over the wall. Lots of equipment could be used for this approach: construction straws, k’nex, lego and megablox. This would also link into 3D shapes in Maths.

Making a buggy: Children can use k’nex to build a buggy for another small teddy to travel in.

Making a car: This activity can be adapted to your class level by adding a specific objective such as a lever or door that opens and closes. This activity is probably more suited for 1st and 2nd classes upwards.

Further ideas from the K’Nex Challenge can be found here.

I am hoping to link the Senior Classes with the Infant Classes this week for a buddy building challenge. Infants will work with a Senior pupil to build something with a variety of materials.

In my store I will have a set of challenge cards that have pictorial instructions which will help for group work in the classroom.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM.



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