Maths Games

One resource that I cannot do without in the infant classrooms for Maths are these double sided counters. I use them for lots of different games. You can buy these counters from lots of sites but I got mine from Amazon.

These are used daily in my classroom

Story of Number:

Each child gets a tub and depending on what number story you are doing in class. They get the required number of counters.

Ask the children to shake the counters and then tip them out onto the table. The children can record the number of red counters and the number of yellow counters. They can then add the numbers to find out how many counters altogether.

Tower Game:

For this game the children work in pairs and will each need cubes, a set of digit cards and counters.

The children mix up the digit cards and turn over the first one. They then build a tower with that number of cubes. Children then compare the towers with their partner. Whoever has the taller tour takes a counter. Children can decide to be red or yellow. The game continues until all the counters are gone. The child with the most counters wins.

Roll and Cover:

I spotted this idea on Miss Mernagh’s page. Miss Mernagh also has downloadable game boards for Roll and Cover.

Children work in pairs for this activity. Children roll the dice and cover that number on the game board with their colour counter. The other child then rolls the dice and covers the number. Play continues until all numbers are covered.

A little tip for this game is to keep the dice in the little tub while playing the game. This will avoid children crawling on the floor in search of missing dice.

There are endless opportunities for games with these counters. Feel free to share your games and I will add them to the post. As always if you have any questions please send me a PM.



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