Maths Games for Infants

I love this domino and playing cards set from Euro Giant. There are endless possibilities for Maths games using this set which are also ideal for revision of numbers as we go through Term 3.



You can revise the story of number with the card games.

Taking out all the picture cards place all the other cards face down. Children take turns to turn over two cards and try to make 10. If they can make 10 they keep the cards if not turn them over and the next child takes a turn.

This game can be played for story of number from 6 – 10. Just remove the cards that you don’t need.

Another version of this game is similar to go fish. Again after taking out all the picture cards give each child six cards. Place the rest of the cards on the table face down. Give children a target or story of number to focus on. Children can ask their peers for a specific number and if they don’t have it they can say go fish. Once a child has two or more cards to make the set number they place it down face up. The winner is the child with the most pairs.


The children can play a variety of games with dominoes. The easiest game is to match the numbers on both sides of the dominoes.

In another game, get the children to work in pairs with one set of dominoes between them. Take all the dominoes out and put them face down. One child turns over one, and the other child also turns over one. The child with the greatest number on their domino gets to keep both dominoes. Play continues until all the dominoes have been turned over. The winner is the child with the most pairs.

While these games are suitable for infants, you can adapt them for older classes, introducing multiplication elements for third class.

If you have any questions please send me a PM.



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