The Aquarium

A nice topic for this stage of the year is The Aquarium.

There are lots of nice story books to link with the topic, I particularly like the Rainbow Fish and Hooray for Fish!

Last year, I used the children’s gazebo and some large fish and sea creatures that we had made for a different display and created our very own Aquarium. The children loved it. We could pull out the gazebo so the children could walk around it.

We set up an aquarium for the children to visit. The children in role-play could be on reception, a tour guide or a visitor. If you have any aquariums or sea-life near you collect some maps and other information to have in your role play area.

In small world and construction the children wanted to make smaller aquariums. I got some sea creatures in euro shops but I really like these sea creatures from Primary classroom Resources.  These counters could also be used in Maths for sorting and classifying.

In art there are lots of lovely under the sea themed ideas. You could also make fish or jellyfish to add to the large aquarium.

I replaced sand with water for this topic. I bought fishing rod sets from Euro Giant and a small paddling pool. I put a small amount of water in the pool and let the children catch the fish with the rods. I also added some buckets and containers to link with Capacity in Maths.

Check out my new thematic plan on It includes ideas for discrete lessons along with links for lessons and resources.

If you have any questions on this topic. Please send me a PM.



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