Sequencing Visual Texts – A Review

I recently attended a course with SESS on dyslexia and reading difficulties. One of the resources that attendees recommended were the Sequencing Visual Texts from Prim-Ed.

This is a series of 3 books all based for use in the infant classes. The books introduce sequential language at different levels across the three books. In Book 1 it begins with before and after, first and last, beginning middle and end and first next and last. While the stages can be introduced to children at their stage of readiness (ideal for the new language curriculum) there is also the option to develop reading further by using the captions at the back of the book. The images are ready to photocopy and can be laminated for use in the classroom, alternatively the children could cut and stick them into a copybook which would be useful for assessment. If working with individual students teachers might also get the chance to jot down the language the child uses in the copy also. The children could also use this as a homework activity which would guide the parents as to the importance of sequential language.

Book 2 and Book 3 build on this sequential language identifying the correct order for a series of pictures and arranging them from first to last and from beginning to end. Again there is the option of using captions to build on their reading skills. Book 3 has a stronger focus on using text and pictures developing the children’s knowledge of sight words and sequential language.

Having attended the course on dyslexia and identifying the importance of sequencing activities as a prerequisite for early literacy skills I would highly recommended these books for use in the infant classrooms. They link nicely with the new classroom as there is a set plan within the books as to teaching specific language for sequencing. Each books also contains suggested digital links and stories that are ideal for basic sequencing skills.

Further information about these books and how to order them can be found by clicking here. If you would like any more information on these books please send me a PM.



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  1. […] Pre-Reading is an important part of the early days of Junior Infants, I particularly like the Start workbook which has a planned approach to pre-reading and pre-writing activities. I also like these sequencing books from Prim-Ed which allow you to provide a differentiated approach to sequencing activities for your class. There is a detailed review on these books on my blog. […]


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