Travel Agents – June

One of my favourite topics has to be the Travel Agents. It is also an ideal topic for this stage of the year.

The role play area can be transformed into the travel agents. I always ask parents for travel brochures which they may have at home. It is also important to have an atlas suitable for young children in the role play too. This creates an awareness of the world around us. The children love to book their holidays and this role play area allows for a lot of free writing tasks, filling in booking forms and writing about their holidays.

Small World can be many things, it can be the airport or it could be the hotel they are travelling to, the possibilities are endless. Similarly in construction the children can get the opportunity to build lots of different things. Sand can be the beach when you are on holidays, you also have the option to have a water play area too.

In Junk Art there are endless possibilities for Summer Art, painting where they are going on holidays or I like to make passports with the children too. There are endless possibilities.

Overall I love this theme. The children can discuss places they have visited or would like to go and it also gives you the opportunity to teach the children about famous landmarks around the world.

If you have any questions about this blog post please send me a PM.



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