Aistear: Space Topic

Space is a great topic if you are well familiar with Aistear in your classroom.

This would be the perfect topic to link with Space Week and Discover Primary Science in your school.

The role-play/socio-dramatic area could be a spaceship, this year we invested in a rocket tent from Amazon. However you could also use your gazebo and turn it into the space station. You could also add the glow in the dark stars to the roof of the gazebo. You could also invest in these fab costumes from Asda for your role play area too. Children will love moving as if they were in Space and looking at the stars. Twinkl have also got some lovely printable resources to add to your role-play area.

In small world you could make their own space station using the dolls house or blocks you have in the area. Small rockets might be available in the Euro shops. I always asked for help with resources for this area and one year a child brought in a Little Einsteins toy rocket which was perfect for Small World.

In construction the children could build a rocket or the space station. We invested in the giant polydrons from Nexus this year and they were perfect for making rockets.

In art, I chatted to the class about different things in space, from aliens to the planets. In Junk Art they got to make different things they might find in space. They had great fun making UFOs from paper plates and making aliens using play-doh. The children had endless ideas for the Junk Art.

Finally in Sand the children could pretend to be on the moon or another planet in space. They had little cars that were the space buggy for the astronauts.

Space is a great topic with many opportunities for integration across curricular subjects. Also the children can really expand their vocabulary in this topic. Some might even teach you one or two things. I have a planning template for Space in my store.

If you have any further questions on this topic or any blog posts please send me an email.



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  1. […] For Infants you might like to cover Space as your topic in Aistear. In role play you could create a space station, small world could also be a space station. In construction you could build rockets, I particularly like the giant polydrons when making rockets. Other ideas for Space as an Aistear topic can be found here. […]


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