Topic – Owl Babies

In other posts I have mentioned using Storybooks with every topic. However sometimes you can create a whole topic around one Storybook. This can be helpful for thematic planning for teaching practice students too.

I love the story Owl Babies and the children really enjoy this story and it can reassuring for some students who might find it hard to leave their parents in the morning time.

There is an animated story here which you can use to introduce the topic.

Socio-dramatic play can be hard to link when using a storybook but I like to use puppets and encourage the children to create their own puppet shows to retell the story. I love this set from amazon however if you have a limited budget you can make your own puppets. Ideas for making your own puppets and for some craft activities in Junk Art can be found here. You could also include a CD of the story and CD player for the children to use in this area.

In Small World the children can also retell  the story, you could use puppets for the owls or if your budget allows you could get an owl family from the Sylvanian Families range. There are different sets available on ebay. 

In construction you could use lots of materials to build a house for the Owl Family. There are lots of ideas for Junk Art but the children will also have their own idea.

In sand you could bury a game for the children to match daytime and night time activities.

This topic might be a little abstract but some children might really enjoy the puppet element of the Socio-dramatic area. A topic plan will be available in my store soon.

If you have any questions on this topic please send me a PM.



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