Aistear Topic: Shops

Shops is a very broad topic for Aistear but it might link well for a teaching practice unit of work.

A broader theme will also allow the children more freedom to explore the topic and to choose their own shop for role-play each day.

Stimulus: There are lots of different books suitable to link with the Shops topic from The Smartest Giant in Town to Topsy and Tim go shopping. Children may have their own storybooks with their favourite characters too.

Role Play: Children can have the option to change this area each day and explore a different shop or create their own department store. There are lots of opportunities to explore vocabulary with the children in this area and within discrete lessons too.

Small World: Children can make their own shops and shopping centres.

Construction: Children can build different shops or different departments within the shop.

Sand: Children could play a shopping bingo game by hiding different cards in the sand.

Junk Art: Children could make items for the shop or posters to display in the shop too.

The Aistear areas allow for natural integration to curricular areas but there are lots of ways to integrate with discrete lessons too.

Gaeilge: Ag siopadóireacht, you can use your role-play area within your discrete lessons and encourage the children to use Gaeilge during Aistear time.
Maths: Explore coins and money to link with the topic.
Geography: People at Work
History: Looking at shops long ago and all the different types of shops.
Science & SPHE: Buying a healthy lunch

There are many opportunities to explore this theme which would be ideal for TP students.

If you have any questions about this post please send me a PM or an email.



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