Getting set for the first day!

Well it’s the definitely the of the Summer holidays now!

After spending time today preparing for my class, tomorrow is the first day for my 5th & 6th Class.

Classroom Organisation:

I have set my class into 6 groups, 3 for each class level. Each group has a small basket and in it are the children’s free writing copies, spare pens and pencils, mini whiteboards, scissors and dictionaries. The children can be more independent for their own belongings and items they made need during the day.

Plan for tomorrow!

I’ve have lots of different activities planned for tomorrow. I downloaded some great back to school comprehensions from Classroom Secrets which i’m hoping my class will enjoy. I also have some team based activities to encourage group work in the class. I have a Character Education Kit where you teach one character per month and tomorrow I am starting the respect unit. This will also form the basis of my classroom rules and expectations.


As mentioned in an earlier post I am hoping to focus on working displays and working walls this year to encourage the children to become more involved in their own learning. I will post photos as they are ready.

New Resources:

Over the last year I have gathered some new resources which I hope to use more in the class this year. I have the Maths Boxes and Problem Solving Cards from Prim-Ed which I found very useful last year so I will implement them more this year. I want to develop more problem solving and encourage a visual approach for some children so I recently purchased I See Reasoning to encourage and develop mathematical thinking and talking. Another blog post on this resource will follow soon.

Best of luck to everyone going back tomorrow!!

Looking forward to a great year.



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