September: Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

Hi everyone, I hope you are all settling in with your new classes.

If you are following my new Aistear plans for Year 2, the theme for this month is Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. There are many ways to integrate this theme into your Aistear areas and your discrete lessons.

Role-play: The house, the children can act in role as Mammy bear making the porridge. If you have masks they could retell the story.

Small World: Create the house for the three bears, make the wood that Goldilocks walked through.

Construction: Build a house for the three bears.

Junk Art: Lots of ideas here from masks for role play to painting a part of the story.

Sand: Making porridge in the sand.

In other lessons:

English Writing: Write a sorry note from Goldilocks
Gaeilge: Cinnín Óir
History: Sequencing the story
Geography: Mapping the route that Goldilocks took.
Music: Rinne Mamaí Bear leite (D’aon ghuth)
Maths: Capacity and EMA.

These are only examples for discrete lessons there could be many more!

Happy Planning



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