Maths Resources in the Senior Classes

I have a variety of resources for Maths in my classroom, here are some of my favourites.

Maths Box: 

These are from Prim Ed and are similar to their comprehension cards. Each box contains 2 sets of the cards and they cover the different strands within the maths curriculum. My class loved these last year, they found some of the vocabulary challenging at first but soon got to know some of the new vocabulary and applied it to their own maths.

Maths Box 5

Brain Snack: 

I regularly use this in my classroom. It contains a variety of problem solving cards which encourage the children to ‘think outside the box’.  I have one on display on my Maths board each week and the children can attempt it during the week and write the answer on the record sheet behind the card.


I See Reasoning: 

I came across this resource on Facebook from Gareth Metcalfe. It is perfect for encouraging the children to discuss approaches to problem solving and to identify possible solutions. It also illustrates a visual approach to problem solving which the children can apply in other situations.

3 Acts Maths 

I came across this site through the Gareth Metcale Site and I love their approach to exploring maths in everyday situations. There are 3 videos with prompts for the teacher to encourage critical thinking in the class in a novelty way.

Table Board

I have only ordered these and cannot wait to use them in my classroom. They can be used for some fun activities or brain breaks in between lessons or in station teaching. I will post another blog post on these once I have used them in my classroom.

Problem Solving

These cards from Prim-Ed are great to encourage discussion and a verbal approach to problem solving in the class. I use them for pair work and group work and then the groups present a solution to the class.

These are only some of my most used resources for Maths. If you have any questions please send me a P.M.



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