Artist of the Month: Kandinsky

Do you focus on an artist each month in your school?

To develop the Looking and Responding Strand we decided to focus on one specific artist each month in Art over a two year cycle. Artists that use different mediums were chosen along with modern artists.

In September we focus on Kandinsky. This is a nice topic for infants. We focused on the concentric circles image. The children can focus on the circle shape and use a variety of colours.

In the Senior Classes I like to look at the history of the Artist. Some children get a mini project to produce a timeline for the Artist. There are lots of different sites and powerpoints such as this one. In the Senior Classes we also looked at concentric circles, we then looked at mixing the primary colours so we then created our own concentric circles image using a pattern of primary and secondary colours. You could also explore complimentary colours within the circles.

There are lots of other lovely ideas to link with Kandinsky here.

Do you have an Artist of the Month in your school?

Share some of your Kandinsky work in the comments.



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