September: Senior Classes Settling back in!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all settling back to school.

In my Senior class I hope to introduce station teaching for literacy. I hope to include an ICT element to my station teaching.

One station will focus on phonics and vocabulary and that will be differentiated for each group.

Another station will focus on non-reading comprehension. I am hoping to use this resource from Classroom Secrets and encourage the children to think and respond to questions about the picture with the appropriate vocab. This station will be led by the Learning Support Teacher.

My independent stations will be on comprehension cards from Prim-Ed. The children can work on these cards at their own level. They are self correcting which also allows a level of independence.

Another independent station will be using ICT. I have set up Office365 for the children to use and they can work on their writing genres. They will work on this in class and then during station teaching they will get time to type up their piece of writing. They will also work with a buddy to share their writing using OneDrive and I am showing the class how to leave comments so they can engage in peer review. I’ll update you as this progresses. I got this idea from the PDST Assessment in ICT Summer Course. It can also be done when using Google Drive.

Station teaching is timetabled for twice a week at the moment. So I hope that each group will visit 2 stations each day so they can work at each station over the course of the week. I hope to begin next week so I will update as we go.

If you have any questions about my station teaching, please send me an email.





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