Maths Resources in the Infant Classes

An earlier blog post this month was about the Maths resources I like to use in the Senior Classes, today’s blog post is about my favourite resources in the Infant Classes.

I used Ready Set Go in the infant classes for Maths and the children really enjoyed the hands on activities. It is also easy to make and get resources for Ready Set Go.

Each child has their own Maths Pack with large and small 5 frames and 10 frames. They also have digit cards and a blank set card. I have designed my own Ready Set Go Printables which is available in my store.

Aside from the Maths pack I have sorting packs ready for the children. It is important to have random sorting sets too. I collected bottle tops over a few weeks and made my own random sorting bags. However recently I had the opportunity to visit Recreate in Dublin where they had loads of bottle tops which were ideal.

I also made bags for sorting using specific counters such as these from Michael Doherty. Each bag contained about 12 -15 counters so the children could make sets with one property. I made similar bags for two and three property sorting.

To develop critical thinking when sorting I loved using these attribute blocks. I would play different games where the children had to guess my set which could have one or two specific properties. Similar games could be played with older classes.

I think in the infant classes it is more important to focus on the hands on activities when sorting, making patterns or playing number games rather than workbooks and worksheets.

If you have any questions on this post please send me a PM.



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