Artist of the Month: Lucian Freud

My previous post on Kandinsky was very popular among my followers so here is another Artist to focus on.

When we think of the strand of Drawing we often think of portraits. Lucian Freud has many different portraits which allow the older classes to look at the detail and use of shading.

A nice idea is to have the children draw their own self portrait in Junior Infants and repeat the activity in Sixth Class for display at their Graduation.

I covered this topic and artist over the course of the month. Initially I gave the class no guidance and I got them to draw their own self-portrait and then the person opposite them. We then looked at the work of Freud and discussed the detail.

I found this great video on YouTube and the following week we watched the video and discussed the location of different features and where to start their portrait. I left the video on a loop and the class worked on another portrait.

The next week we discussed the video and watched it again. They got to draw the person opposite them again and then compared the two drawings.

The final week we discussed the work of Freud again and they drew their self-portrait which I kept for Graduation.

This activity is also suitable for Middle Classes.



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